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Email Address

President Carolyn Hasaan, MSN, RN, CWCN 

When/where are our meetings:

We meet the 2nd Tues in September, November, January, March and May
5:30-8:30 PM.
Location: TBA @ local restaurant for dinner, education, business.


  • Each meeting sponsored by industry including a presentation from the company
  • Each meeting journal club from a peer reviewed journal manuscript presented by a member.
  • Each meeting includes a business meeting portion

Pictures from our November 14, 2017 meeting


Information: An App to help patients/residents for Pressure Ulcer (Injury) Prevention

As a result of the work of a task force on a national Veterans Administration initiative, there is a new mobile App available for pressure ulcer/pressure injury prevention for veterans and their caregivers. However ANYONE, not just Veterans can access this wonderful tool. 

With the app you will be able to:

  • Access resources for pressure ulcer/pressure injury prevention
  • Set reminders to reposition, eat, take medications
  • Use tools for nutrition, exercise, and medication management 
  • Access caregiver support resources 
  • Create journal entries to track pressure ulcers/injuries 
  • Learn more about pressure ulcers/injuries 
  • Create a list of questions to ask your healthcare provider
  • Get immediate help and locate a nearby VA or other medical facility 

For more information click here to view/download the PDF file.

News updates:

9/20/2017: Meeting Report posted: click here to view/download PDF This meeting report summarises the proceedings of a panel-led symposium that took place at the European Wound Management Association (EWMA) Conference, Amsterdam in May 2017. It looks at the crucial role of pressure injury prevention and the importance of robust clinical data in proving the positive impact — for patients, clinicians and the healthcare economy — of implementing strategies that include the use of prophylactic dressings, positioners, and turning and positioning systems. The expert panel provided guidance on how to implement changes in line with evidence-based consensus, and highlighted the importance of delivering optimal care to at-risk patients.

The January 17, 2017 meeting was hosted by Tactile Medical. Our guest speaker was Dr. Jonathan Brantley, Chief of Podiatry at McGuire VAMC speaking on the topic of “Managing Lymphedema and Chronic Wounds with the FlexiTouch and ActiTouch Systems.”

The May 9, 2017 meeting was hosted by Hollister. A presentation was provided on “Healthy Peristomal Skin and the Science Behind Skin Barriers”. It was a hands-on workshop to learn the ingredients that make up wafers and the qualities that each ingredient provides.

The Central Virginia Affiliate has a thirst for more networking and education! As a result a vote was approved to increase our meetings from 5 to 8 times per year! We will have affiliate member tips, advice and questions as a standard agenda item each meeting and will continue our journal article reviews.

VCU Health will sponsor “Stepping Stones to Excellence in Wound Care” on September 28-29, 2017 at the Richmond Marriott Downtown. An excellent program is planned!

Our membership continues to support organizations that enhance the quality of life of the population our specialties serve. Donations have been made this year to Ostogroup, FOW and Youth Rally Camper sponsorship.

Community Education Program:
The 2nd Annual March Invitational was held on March 22, 2017 at the Eastern Henrico Recreation Center. The program, “March Toward Wound Care Excellence” was the second free conference sponsored by the affiliate in the last 2 years to educate nurses about the specialty of WOC nursing while also providing wound, ostomy and continence education as well as a delicious Olive Garden dinner. The event was supported by 10 industry partners who had dedicated display and education time with the attendees. A guest presenter was Savannah Morris who had been sponsored by the affiliate to attend the 2016 Youth Rally Camp. She shared insight to her illness and her camp experience with the audience. The event had 75 attendees.  This year’s planning committee members were: Joanne Biddix, BSN, RN, CWCN, Chairperson, Linda Droste, MSN, RN, CWOCN, Vilma D’Mell0-Fernandes MSN, RN, CWON, Connie Landon, BNS, RN, CWOCN, WCC,  Megan Ragusa, BSN, RN, CWCN and David Clem, BSN, RN.  Speakers from the membership included Todd Brindle, PhD-c, RN, CWOCN and PJ Miller, BSN, RN, CWOCN, CFCN. Preliminary planning is already in place for the 2018 program which will have a strictly ostomy focus.  (SEE PICTURES OF EVENT BELOW)

Member News, Publications, Awards:
Joanne Biddix, BSN, CWCN was elected to the board of the MAR as Member at Large, Communications and will serve a 2 year term.
Yvonne Humphries and Joanne Biddix had poster submissions at the 2016 MAR Conference sponsored by our affiliate and held in Richmond, VA.

At our January meeting, Diane Whitworth and Ferne Aldefer were recognized for their outstanding service and commitment to the affiliate as they stepped down from years of holding a position on the board.

Ratliff, C & Droste, L (2017) WOCN 2016 Guideline for Prevention and Management of Pressure Injuries (Ulcers) An Executive Summary. JWOCN, 44(3):241-246
Creehan, S., Cuddigan, J., Gonzales, D., Nix, D. Padula, W., Pittman, J. & Wheeler, R. (2016) The VCU Pressure Ulcer Summit: Developing Centers of Pressure Ulcer Prevention Excellence, A Framework for Sustainability. JWOCN.  March/April, 43,2 pg121-128.

Speaking Engagements:
Sue Creehan has been traveling the world sharing her expertise with many in our profession:
2017 WOCN Conference, May 19-23, Salt Lake City, ID. Speaker: Strong Roots: Sustaining a Pressure Injury Prevention Program through Shared Governance.

  • 2017 SAWC Conference, April 5-9, San Diego, CA. Speaker: Preventing Pressure Injuries/Ulcers: Implementing Best Practice: Support Surfaces and Beyond.
  • 2017 European Wound Management Association (EWMA), May 3-6, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Panel speaker: Pressure Injury Prevention: Clinical Outcomes Explained by Robust Scientific Evidence.
  • 2017 Delaware Valley WOCN Seminar, March 23, Abington, Pa. Speaker: Comprehensive Pressure Injury Prevention Programs
  • 2016 WOCN Sage-sponsored Webinar, November 9, 2016. Speaker: Can You Hear Me Now? Having Your Voice Heard in        the Value Analysis Process
  • 2016 Swedish Government Health Care Summit on Pressure Injuries, October 19-20, 2016. Stockholm, Sweden.  Speaker: The Health Economic Benefits of Prevention
  • 2016 Annual Magnet Conference, Oct 4-8, 2016, Orlando, FL. Speaker: Nurses Transforming Healthcare: Creating a Culture of Prevention.

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These pictures were taken at the March 22, 2017 educational program: "March Toward Wound Care Excellence"

Beautiful room decorations Linda Droste Manning the WOCNB information table WOCN information table
Beautiful room decorations Linda Droste Manning the WOCNB information table WOCN information table
Connie Landon, Vilma DMello- Fernandes, Joanne Biddix, Linda Droste, David Clem (not present for photo:Megan Ragusa) A packed house!  

Program Planning Committee:
Connie Landon, Vilma DMello- Fernandes, Joanne Biddix, Linda Droste, David Clem (not present for photo:Megan Ragusa)

A packed house!

Sue Creehan, president of central Virginia affiliate delivering welcome to attendees Gail Erickson, PJ Miller and Deanna Benoit  
Sue Creehan, president of central Virginia affiliate delivering welcome to attendees

Gail Erickson, PJ Miller and Deanna
Benoit depicting diabetic, arterial and venous ulcerations as part of the "Differentiating Lower Extremity Ulcers" presentation.